Kosmos Q Wing Dust Buffalo Hot Wing Dry Rub Seasoning Competition Pit Master

SKU: KOS-BUFHOT-15X1 Brand: Kosmos Q



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Brandon Herrera
Nice Alternative to Traditional Buffalo Wings

Traditional sauced buffalo wings are my favorite, but I've been looking to change things up and this product is great alternative for some variety. They have a great buffalo style flavor and nice heat.

Wing Dust in general makes cooking wings a bit easier, because you cook them neat and simply dust them when they're done. There's no sauce to make. If you're cooking for a lot of people, you can cook a ton of wings, divy them up when they're done and then add different Wing Dust flavors for some variety.

Finally, the package looks small, but a little bit of Wing Dust goes a long way. In my first cook I made 5 lbs of wings and didn't even put a dent in the package. It's a good value.

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