RI Audio 10" Subwoofer Dual 4 Ohm Energy Series 800 Watts RMS Single Car Audio

SKU: RI-PW10D4 Brand: RI Audio



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Scotty B.
Best money spent on subs

Like everyone else, found these just over a year ago, no specs, no reviews, for the price I went ahead and bought them, they are fantastic, been running them on a skar 1200.1 at 1ohm, my box is just at 3 cu. ft. tuned to 30 hz never had a problem, my only regret is that I didn't buy more because they are gone, haven't seen them in a while, probably won't be back, planning on some upgrades later on and gonna pass them in down to my daughter

When will these be back in stock??

Seriously? Need a couple 12's.

Michael L Maye
1 year review on RI Audio 10 D4 Energy Series 800 Watts RMS

To be completely honest you cannot go wrong for the price. Is perfect for a Budget build. I purchased these back in April 2022 its now June 2023. And I have torched these for over a year. And they are still going strong. I have recently upgraded my amp. From a Rockville DB16 to a 4000.1D Death Bounce. And these do not like the extra wattage. Conclusion is, Air space, we modeled the box off of and American Bass 10 for 2k watts @ 2ohm with new amp is about 2.7k watts which should still be within the 800watts max for 4 of them. No matter hard I have researched I cannot find any information or spec or maker of these. If anyone knows please reach out to me @ [****]
I need information on these so I can build a need box.

Droppn deep on 40hz

I make custom Sub boxes so I started looking for a gem for the 2000 Camry.
These Ri audio subs kept popping up on every speaker display on ebay, after seeing it about 30 times I decided to look on YouTube but I saw no video or reviews so I look online to see who purchased and nobody but one person so I went ahead and tried them out thinking I was going to return them but I was surprised and still surprised. I purchased four 10-in subs and made a custom box and it delivers ridiculous sub action..
I have them on a tar amp smart 3K bass... Only thing I can say is DAAAAMMM they get down...

Michael Maye
These Beast are Budget 💎 highly impressed

After two months of researching for a budget system for my Silverado extended cab. These kept popping up on my newsfeed. I am old school and never heard of the name so I just kept passing them up. After researching the name brands Sundown and Skars Orions kicker And many others comparing all the specs. April 2022 I purchased 4 RI-PW10D4 subwoofer 10” dual 4Ohm 1600watts for $109 each free shipping. Hoping that they were worth it. With no reviews to read. Ended up building a custom ported box tuned 42/43hz. How surprised I was. 🤩 there being pushed by a DB16 8k @2ohm about 2445 watt Which is another budget 💎. Been pushing these Beast for two months trying to blow them. I have got to say I am very happy with this purchase. Next I am looking into the 8 inch mid range in 6 1/2 inch mid range drives and hopefully they are as good as the Subwoofers. I really wish they made a component set. It’s funny I have had a few system pull up on me. And these RI Audio 10s send the back home waiting a refund.

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